Thinking about joining us one of these weekends? Here’s what to expect, and some helpful tips for your first visit.

Visiting a new church can bring great excitement as well as anxiety. We’ve all been there. Part of that excitement and anxiety is finding your place in the life of a new church. This website is just one part of welcoming you into our church family, helping you understand our beliefs, worship, and life together.

What time are the services?

Sunday Worship- 9:00, 11:00a & Online (11a only)

Adult Sunday School- 10:15a & Online

Evening Bible Study- Wednesdays at 6p & Online

Children's Sunday School- 10:15a

Youth Group- Thursdays at 6p

What are your services like?

Most people would not consider the worship services at Keystone Heights Presbyterian Church to be formal. However, what we do on Sundays is grounded in the historic tradition of the Protestant Reformation. We sing, pray, read and preach the Bible, bring offerings, and administer the sacraments.

We strive for corporate worship that is both doctrinally rich and deeply felt. We sing the best of historic and new hymns. Each week we are served faithfully by a variety of musicians who play such instruments as piano, guitar, percussion & drums.

At times we confess our faith by making use of the church’s historic creeds and confessions. The Bible takes center stage in our services for this is the means by which God has promised to speak to us. Therefore, we are committed to the systematic and passionate preaching of God’s Word. In all of this our goal is to glorify God.

What should I wear?

You will find everything from jeans to ties on Sundays at KHPC. That said, you should feel free to dress as casual or as formal as you desire. You will find brothers and sisters at KHPC who dress just like you do.

What do children and young families do during worship services?

Children and their families are a vital part of our community and we are committed to serving and loving them throughout their whole lifetime.  To this end, we have a number of programs for children to help them engage in worship at their appropriate age level.

  • Nursery is available during the worship services (9:00 & 11:00a) and during adult Sunday School (10:15a). Our infant and toddler nursery is located in the South-east classroom adjacent to the Fellowship Hall.

  • Children & Youth Sunday School meets at 10:15a (Pre-K through 12th grade) in various classroom spaces.
How do I get involved?