Because you are valuable to God and our church family, your next steps to grow in Him are so important. No matter where you are at in life, God has next steps in mind for you. If you are a new believer in Christ, been attending Keystone Heights Presbyterian Church for a while or just wondering how you can advance your relationship with Jesus at KHPC, we can help you in your “Next Steps.”

STEP ONE: Say Yes! Believing God’s Story

The Bible tells the story of God’s steadfast love for His stubborn people. In some ways it’s a sad story, because human beings have made the world such a sad place. But ultimately, it is a happy story. The Christian story is about the good news that God so loved the world He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). Some people have heard of John 3:16, but fewer people know the rest of the story. This one-week course will help you to understand the basics of the biblical Gospel and teach you how to share the good news with those around you. Upcoming class dates TBD.

STEP TWO: Pastor Chat. Let’s Meet!

Have you recently accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord? Are you new to our KHPC family? We want to get to know you. Join us to hear the vision and heart of our church, and get to know your pastor, elders, deacons and ministry leaders while you enjoy some lunch on us! Our next “Pastor Chat” lunch is TBD.

STEP THREE: Starting Point. Discover Our Church.

Completion of this course is a priority for everyone who calls KHPC their church home. The heart of a family and their values are so important to the vibrancy and function of that family. So it is with Keystone Heights Presbyterian Church! We feel it is critical that every person who God calls to be a part of KHPC, should know and understand the heart and values of our church. At Starting Point, you will learn about KHPC’s Core Values, Mission Statement, and history as well as valuable Biblical lessons to strengthen your relationship with Christ. This course is a prerequisite for water baptism & church membership at KHPC. Our next “Starting Point” class will take place in the fall of 2020.

STEP FOUR: Baptism. Go Public!

Water Baptism is a public declaration of our identification with Jesus; His death, burial and resurrection. By being baptized you are publicly saying that you have died to yourself and have come to follow Jesus Christ. Baptisms take place on the last Sunday of the month. There’s an all-church potluck after (Dinner on the Grounds), so even if you aren’t getting baptized, please feel free to join us as we celebrate those getting baptized. 

STEP FIVE: Devotions. How We Grow Daily.

As we read God’s words, we begin to see how God responds to things. Doing daily devotions re-patterns the way we think and transforms the spirit of our mind. Then, when we face similar situations as Jesus did, we begin to respond in the same way. “Life Journaling” is an excellent way to both record and process what God has spoken to us in his Word. This one-week course will walk you through the process of “Life Journaling” step-by-step so that you can begin your journey of spending daily, meaningful time with God in His Word. Upcoming class dates TBD.

STEP SIX: LifeGroups. Get Connected.

Why Join a LifeGroup?
LifeGroups at KHPC are great places to connect and to grow. The purpose of these groups is to be a place where people:
Grow spiritually
Grow relationally
Care for each other

Every Christian should yearn for continual spiritual growth. Discipleship through Bible Study Groups, accountability with close Christian friends, and open discussion is critical to maturing in our faith. (Mark 12:29-31; Acts 2:44-47; 1 Peter 2:2; 1 Timothy 4:7, 8; Proverbs 27:17)

What LifeGroups does KHPC offer?

Women’s LifeGroup:
Friday mornings at 10:00am in the Lodge.

Men’s LifeGroup:
Wednesday mornings at 7:15am at FirePower Coffee in Keystone Heights.

STEP SEVEN: Serve. Discover Your G.P.S.

Discover how your Spiritual Gifts, your God-given Passions, and your personal Story come together to help you uniquely serve others within the body of Christ.

Our church needs you… Yes, you! Not because it needs people to fill positions within the organization, but because you are an important and integral part of the body of Christ. You have a significant contribution to make. You have a ministry in the church and a mission in this world. Once a year we offer a 3 week “GPS” class to help you discover how God has shaped you to serve Him and others in our congregation and in the broader community. Upcoming class dates TBD.