God Hears Us…Because He’s Near Us


“When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.”  (Psalm 34:17)


One of the most comforting and precious promises contained in God’s Word is found in John 9:31. It’s here in this verse that the man whose blindness had been miraculously healed by Jesus at the Pool of Siloam (see John 9:1-7) speaks these words, “…if anyone is a worshiper of God and does His will God listens to him.” The good news for believers is that if we are in Christ…God hears us! He listens to us. He hears our cries (both internal and external) when we’re afraid (Psalm 34:4). He listens to our concerns when we’re experiencing various degrees of poverty, lack or troubles (Psalm 34:6). He is attentive to our pleas for help and guidance (Psalm 34:17). No matter what we may be going through (i.e. pain, loss, confusion, stress, poverty, opposition) we can rest assured that God always hears our prayers. He always listens to our requests because “his ears [are] toward [our] cry” (Psalm 34:15). He will always hear us because He is always near us (Psalm 34:18). And ultimately, not only does He promise to hear us, but He sovereignly promises to “deliver(Psalm 34:4,7, 17,19), “save(Psalm 34:6,18) and “redeem(Psalm 34:22) us!


Consistent and intentional daily prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines that many Christians struggle with the most. We need to be encouraged by this verse to persevere in praying, because our prayers are never wasted! The Lord hears us. He is always listening!


Lord, thank You so much for the fact that You always hear us and that you are always near us! –Amen–


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